Great News!   

We have switched our delivery to online. This is due to our commitment to our communities. During these difficult times lets stay active, and engage with other members of the community online. Lets continue to improve our health and wellbeing and lift our morale.


So here is how it works,


1. Register to our website, its free and only takes a few minutes.(if you are already a member then move onto step 2.


2. Download the mobile app Zoom


3. Let us know that you have registered and we will then send you direct links to our live classes.  You can contact us by the following methods.

Mobile: 07535170989


Instagram: @activewithin

Twitter: @active_within

WhatsApp group: 

4. Enjoy our free classes. Let’s Get Active

Kensington & Chelsea

We are excited to announce that Active within will be expanding  Delivery to Dalgarno Gardens W10 October 2019!!

We are grateful for this opportunity

Another Year of Funding for Hackney

Great news!!

Activewithin has been granted a further one year of funding within Woodberry Down. this is due to the impact  our work has had  within the community.

New Funding for Hackney

Welcome to Active within


It is with pleasure to announce that we have been awarded the Wellbeing Funding from Notting Hill Genesis. This means we can continue delivery within Woodberry Down for the next one year. Now ‘Let’s Get Active’ 


Class timetable:

We will be delivering 10 hours per week of FREE exercise for the next one year within Woodberry Down

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